Town portrait

Reichenbach in the Vogtland region

Reichenbach has a population of around 22,000 inhabitants in an area of 34.6 km². Reichenbach has the status of a large district town and is the medium centre. The town forms part of the Vogtlandkreis.   The districts of Brunn, Cunsdorf, Friesen, Mylau, Obermylau, Oberreichenbach, Rotschau and Schneidenbach are part of Reichenbach. Since the year 2000 there is an administration association with the municipality of Heinsdorfergrund.   Reichenbach is one of the oldest towns of the territory once administered by bailiffs. The streams, which once were full of water, gave the name to the town, which probably developed from a Slavic settlement and a settlement of Franconian settlers. The first documentary evidence is from the year 1212. Around the year 1240, Reichenbach was granted town status.

Traffic connection

Reichenbach is located in the Southwest of the Free State of Saxony, not far from the borders to the Free States of Thuringia and Bavaria and to the Czech Republic.
The town has a direct connection to the federal motorway A72 and is accessible via the two federal highways B173 and B94.  

Reichenbach is a station of the Saxon-Franconia trunk line. This railway line leads from Dresden via Zwickau, Plauen, Hof and Bayreuth to Nuremberg.

Twin towns


The town of Reichenbach maintains twinning partnerships with 

  • Nordhorn in Germany, Lower Saxony
  • Jędrzejów in Poland
  • Ma'alot-Tarshiha in Israeland

maintains friendly relationships with the Municipality Westhausen with the

  • district Reichenbach in Germany, Baden-Württemberg.

Reichenbach´s district Rotschau is twinned with

  • the municipality Ročov in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the district Mylau maintains twinning partnerships with

  • Waldenbuch in Germany, Baden-Württemberg
  • Karlštejn in the Czech Republic
  • Montecarlo in Italy 
  • Althen des Paluds in France.