The Neuberinhaus, the concert and event hall in the heart of the town, offers its visitors a varied selection of attractive events and actively encourages the regional associative life. It has 630 seats in the large hall and 150 seats in the small hall.
Our event hall bears the name the German theatre reformer Friederike Caroline Neuber, who was born in Reichenbach.

Vogtland Philharmonie

The Vogtland Philharmonie Greiz/Reichenbach was founded in 1992 in an until then unique trans-national fusion by the Free States of Saxony and Thuringia, the administrative district Greiz, the Vogltandkreis as well as the towns Greiz and Reichenbach.
With its varied range, the orchestra continues the centuries-old orchestral tradition of the music region Vogtland at the highest level.

Music school Vogtland

The music school Vogtland educates in basic, main, ensemble and complementary subjects. The services, which are currently used by approx. 1,400 students, range from music garden for children over 18 months to the preparation for university studies, form baroque to pop music, from folklore to jazz and even includes individual support.
In addition to the music educational work, the music school Vogtland also regularly performs con-certs and competitions.
The support association of the music school Vogtland, which counts more than 150 members, has been supporting the music school Vogtland since 1993.