Museums & Library

Neuberin Museum

Friederike Caroline Neuber, the Neuberin, was born in Reichenbach in 1697. The Neuberin was actress and co-founder of the current German theatre tradition.

The Neuberin Museum in her birthplace informs about her life and work.

Furthermore, there are exhibitions about the theatre history of the 18th century, about the town history and changing special and art exhibitions.

Museum of castle Mylau

The collections of the cultural history museum in the Castle of Mylau are among the oldest museum collections in the Saxony-Vogtland region.

The roots were set by the Mylau nature study association, which moved with its museum into the castle in 1893. This was followed by a targeted collecting and exhibiting on the areas of nature studies, mineralogy and ethnology. Later, the interest in collecting extended to cultural historic and folkloristic objects.

In 1956 it was united with the Museum of Reichenbach to a district museum and in 1990 the castle was assigned to the town of Mylau along with the inventory. Since August 2010, the castle and the museum are administered by the authority of the association Futurum Vogtland e. V.

Jürgen-Fuchs Library Reichenbach

Approximately 45,000 media of the most diverse sections can be borrowed in Reichenbach´s town library. Furthermore, it is possible to procure specific technical literature from scientific libraries via the interlibrary loan request.

Regular events such as author´s readings, library tours and exhibitions as well as computer workstations for the research of inventories and internet workstations turn the library into a popular meeting place.