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Re-registration of a residence

General information

Even if you move within Reichenbach (applies to Reichenbach with all districts and Heinsdorfergrund), you must notify the registration office about this within 14 days after moving to the new residence.


Please comply with your compulsory registration in order to avoid unnecessary problems and troubles. In case of violating against the compulsory registration, difficulties will arise in case of for example vehicle registration, obtaining a driver´s licence, applying for a certificate of good conduct.
A failure may result in non-compliance procedures.
The re-registration form can be completed for the whole family.
If re-registrations are performed for a third party, a corresponding authorisation in the original must be presented.

Legal bases

German Federal Citizens´ Registration Act (Bundesmeldegesetz, BMG) in the respectively applicable Version.

Necessary documents

  • identity card/passport/child identity card (if available)
  • certification from the lessor

Processing time

Re-registrations are processed immediately.