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Reichenbach social pass

General information

The Reichenbach social pass enables residents of the town of Reichenbach with a low income or with physical impairments to use the town´s cultural and sports facilities free of charge. The social pass is a voluntary service of the town of Reichenbach.

The holders of the "Reichenbach social pass" are entitled to use the following institutions at reduced prices:

  • Jürgen-Fuchs-Library
  • Outdoor swimming pool Reichenbach
  • Indoor swimming pool

Further particulars are governed by the fees regulation of the respective institution.


Entitled group of persons:

  • recipients of housing allowance,
  • recipients of SGB II (ALG II) or SGB XII (social benefits),
  • persons with a right to a reimbursement of the parental contributions for a place in a day care centre,
  • disabled persons with a degree of disability of at least 50%.

The "Reichenbach social pass" is basically only valid for one calendar year and must be applied for again every year. In case of moving outside the town of Reichenbach or in case the entitlement ceases, the pass shall loose its validity and must be returned to the competent authority. The pass is not transferable but is exclusively valid for the holder. Upon request a social pass is issued for each person of the community of need for the entitled group of persons.

Necessary documents

  • notification about the reception of housing allowance,
  • notification about the reception of SGB II or SGB XII,
  • notification about the reimbursement of the parental contributions for a place in a day care centre,
  • notification about the disability of at least 50% or disability certificate, respectively,
  • passport photo.

Further documents may possibly be requested.


free of charge

Processing time

After all documents are present, the social pass is usually issued within two weeks.