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Civil partnership

General information

A Registered Civil Partnership can be legitimated by same-sex partners. This must be registered by one of the partners at the registry office of the residence.


The registrars are happy to advise you.

Legal bases

§ 17 Law of Civil Status (Personenstandsgesetz, PStG) as well as §§ 1 ff. Civil Partnership Act (Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz, LPartG)

Necessary documents

Please inquire the necessary documents at the registry office as these are very different depending on the circumstances in life. The information can be given to one of the civil partners.

In general you require:

  • valid identity cards or passports
  • certified copies from the natal Register
  • residence certificate (with indication of the marital status)

In case of previous marriages or previous Registered Civil Partnerships, the marriage or the legitimation of the civil partnership as well as the legally binding dissolution thereof must be certified.