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General information

You should, if possible, contact the registry office already prior to the birth of your child with respect to all issues in terms of naming rights.
Foreign parents should present themselves to the registry office prior to the birth. In case of childbirth in a hospital, the parents shall submit the respective documents there, which will then be transferred for certification to the registry office of the place of birth of the child. Home childbirths shall be reported in the registry office presenting a medical certificate.

Miscarriages (“Star children”)

A miscarriage (§31 section 3 Civil Status Decree) can be reported to the registry office within whose jurisdiction the miscarriage took place. The registry office will issue a certificate about this upon request.


The registrars are happy to advise you.

Legal bases

§§ 18 ff. Law of Civil Status (Personenstandsgesetz, PStG)

Necessary documents

  • identity card or passport
  • certificate about the marital status of the child´s mother or the child´s parents, respectively:
  • birth certificates of the parents
  • marriage certificate or certified copy from the marriage register in case of married couples
  • certificate about the dissolution of the marriage in case of divorcees or widows by legally binding divorce decree or death certificate of the Partner
  • certificate about performed acknowledgement of paternity or custody declaration from the Youth Welfare Office by respective certified copies.