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Lost property office

General information

Those who find and pick up a lost property, have to inform the loser or owner about this, if it is possible to learn the loser or owner from the lost property. If the authorised recipient is unknown, the finder immediately has to report the finding and the circumstances, which may be important for the determination of the authorised person, to the Reichenbach town council, provided the object was found in Reichenbach or its districts.

Name and address of the finder, the description of the lost and found property and the whereabouts of the lost and found property are reported to the competent lost property office.


If the authorised person is not determined within one year and the finder does not claim his property right, the town council can publicly auction the delivered object after a public announcement. The proceeds shall then take the place of the object. The finder is entitled to claim compensation of the expenses he had with the lost and found object as well as to claim finder´s reward. He has this right against the authorised person, but not against the town of Reichenbach.

Legal bases

§§ 965 ff. German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, BGB)

Necessary documents

Federal identity card or passport

Processing time

Lost and found reports are processed at the citizens´ administrative office during the office hours.