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Certificate of good conduct

General information

The certificate of good conduct is required for e. g. job applications, permits and authorisations as well as for registration in the commercial and private sector.

There are two types of certificates of good conduct:

  1. For private purposes, the certificate of good conduct is send to the home address or an address specified by the applicant.
  2. In case of submission to authorities, the certificate of good conduct is directly sent to the authority.


The application must be made in person.

Legal bases

Act governing the Federal Central Criminal Register (Bundeszentralregistergesetz, BZRG)

Necessary documents / data

  • federal identity card or passport
  • address of the authority
  • indication of the intended purpose or reference number
  • maiden name of the mother

Processing time

The Federal Central Criminal Register usually sends the certificates of good conduct within 4 weeks.


The fee is 13.00 Euros and is due upon application.