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Deregistration of a main or second residency

General information

A residency only has to be deregistered if you move your residence to a country other than Germany or if you give up one of several residences, e. g. a second residency, without moving to a new residence.
Deregistration can be reported up to 14 days after moving out. The second residency can only be deregistered at the registration office of the main residency.


Young people up to completed 16th year of age require the declaration of consent of the parents or legal guardians. Deregistration of a family can be made together on one form.
If the deregistration is performed by a third party, a corresponding authorisation in the original must be presented.

Legal bases

German Federal Citizens´ Registration Act (Bundesmeldegesetz, BMG)

Necessary documents

Identity card or passport or corresponding preliminary documents


free of charge

Processing time

We will process your request immediately if all necessary documents are present.